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    Conduct surveys quickly, easily and securely to measure
    the impression of your educational offerings and
    receive analysis in real time.

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  • Course
    Experience Tools

    Conduct surveys quickly, easily and securely to measure the impression of your educational offerings and receive analysis in real time.

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  • Course

    Conduct surveys quickly, easily and securely to measure the impression of your educational offerings and receive analysis in real time.

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Course Evaluation

Simple, fast, safe, cost-efficient: Gain participant feedback without delay! measure & evaluate the quality of your course, educational and training events and analyze data in real-time with QuestionPro's web-based evaluation system Course Experience.

The Modular Architecture of Course Experience Gives you all the Tools Needed for Comprehensive Course Evaluation.


QuestionPro’s Course Experience Platform has an easy to use administration interface. Here you maintain course, lecturer, participant and other organizational data, such as semesters or departments, clearly arranged in tabs. Get full control in assigning rights, roles and access control. The administration panel is easily accessed via mobile devices.

Survey Distribution

You can distribute the survey for your course evaluation in a variety of ways, such as by email, using social media buttons, by printing out or projecting QR code or even via SMS. A big advantage of Course Experience is the possibility to gain feedback immediately after an educational event. It is also possible to print out a PDF version of the survey.

Survey Creation

With QuestionPro Course Experience Survey Editor you can create surveys for your course evaluation quickly and easily via an easy user interface. More than 50 scientific question types as well as comprehensive logic and validation functions are available. Created surveys are automatically adapted to all devices, such as desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Data Analysis

Data analysis in QuestionPro’s Course Experience is available as a downloadable PDF report or a fully customisable dashboard. Compare the results of different courses and educators to plan future offerings.

Your Goal: Consistent high quality educational offerings through a regular feedback loop from course participants.

Regardless of whether you work at a university, adult education centre, course provider or any other educational institution, or even a company with a corporate structure – you all have the same goal: sustainable improvement of the quality of your courses, workshops, training and educational offers. And if you have already reached a point where the quality can hardly be improved according to your survey and measurement methods, then you can focus on maintaining your own high standards in terms of quality assurance by means of regular and comprehensive course evaluation. To succeed you must constantly survey those who make use of your educational services: the students!

“Sparkasse Academy Hessen-Thüringen, Germany, appreciates QuestionPro’s ability to create surveys easily with numerous professional evaluation tools.”

Thomas Ullrich, Lecture, Sparkassenakademie

QuestionPro's web-based evaluation system

QuestionPro’s web-based evaluation system CourseExperience features a very clear, simply designed and intuitive user interface within the administration panel.

Course Experience standard survey.

Example of the Course Experience standard report. This evaluation can be downloaded in PDF format with a mouse click. All collected data can also be exported.

Survey Example for Course Evaluation

With QuestionPro’s Course Experience Platform you can quickly and easily create surveys in a responsive layout with your personalised look and feel including your logo and brand colors. The survey adapts automatically to all end devices and can also be created in several languages.

Example surveys and reports:

Reach a Completely New Level of Transparency

With Course Experience you have a high-tech evaluation system developed with scientific standards in mind. Measure the quality of your educational events in a cost-efficient and sustainable way to continuously improve over time. Since you can quickly and easily measure every single educational event you have initiated anywhere in the world, you can reach a completely new level of transparency in quality assurance.

Easily Measure Success Through Multiple Survey

You will get a more clear picture of your educational offerings the more surveys you run. With QuestionPro you can easily distribute multiple surveys for all of your courses and students automatically. Easily analyse large amounts of data through visualisation and integrated analysis features.

Advantages of QuestionPro Course Experience for your Course Evaluation

Quick, Simple, Intuitive, Cost-Effective:
QuestionPro Course Experience for your Courses

Simple set-up of participant surveys through intuitive questionnaire design with more than 50 question types, advanced logic, skip scenarios, question weighting and much more. The integrated questionnaire library helps you manage frequently used questions, question blocks or even entire questionnaires.

Decentralized Surveys and
Integrated Participant Management

Integrated participant management for easy survey distribution. This also allows decentralized participant surveys at distributed locations, such as university campuses or branches of large companies. Distribute your surveys in many different ways, for example by email, SMS, QR code, on social media or your website / in your intranet.

Immediate Feedback from Participants

Show your participants a QR code after certain thematic blocks of your course or after the course itself. This code can be scanned by smartphones and links directly to the URL of a corresponding online questionnaire. Thus, the evaluation is still carried out directly in the context of the learning content & methodology.

Immediate Feedback for Teachers

Thanks to the direct participant survey, lecturers receive a comprehensive course and performance evaluation immediately after the class. This feedback is much more actionable in real-time.

Was everything actually understood?

Everyone nods when a question is asked. No one wants to show uncertainty in the classroom environment! Instead, send the question directly to your smartphone app so students can answer anonymously. Now the educator has instant and accurate feedback to decide if it’s time to move on to the next topic.

Analysis According to Scientific Standards

Fast and easy graphical evaluation and analysis of large amounts of data according to scientific requirements. Integrated reporting with export options to all common formats. Both standardised analyses and explorative data mining are possible. There are no limits for you!

Features and benefits: Course evaluation with the QuestionPro Course Experience Platform

Administration & User Management

  • Simple and clear administration
  • Integrated user, role and rights management
  • Mapping of the organizational structure
  • Batch upload of participant and course lists

Survey Creation

  • Simple creation of surveys
  • Freely customisable layout
  • Responsive design
  • More than 50 question types
  • Validation and branching logic
  • Integrated survey library
  • Full range of questions for course evaluation

Technology, Security & Service

  • Maintenance-free & web-based portal solution
  • Single Sign On and custom login pages
  • 100% mobile ready
  • Secure data transmission using encryption
  • 24/5 customer support

Survey Distributio

  • Distribution of surveys via embedded code on your website, via QR code, social media, SMS or email.
  • Easy to fill out on PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone through automatic adaptation of the survey to the end device.

Reporting and Data Analysis

  • Automatic generation of course evaluation reports as downloadable PDF files
  • Individual creation of analysis dashboards
  • Benchmarking
  • Data export for analysis in third party systems

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Online-Demo: Course evaluation with QuestionPro’s Course Experience

Online-Demo: Course evaluation with QuestionPro’s Course Experience


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