Customer Experience Platform

Web-based survey and analysis software with numerous tools and functions for customer experience management and customer touch point analysis allows for both online and offline continuous feedback collection and data evaluation across all channels.

Customer Experience

Web-based survey and analysis software with numerous tools and functions for customer experience management and customer touch point analysis allows for both online and offline continuous feedback collection and data evaluation across all channels.


Customer Experience Management Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is QuestionPro Customer Experience Management Platform?

    A web-based platform to create and distribute surveys in order to collect customer data. Integrate with existing third-party systems to easily structure and analyse data to continually optimise customer experience. Create tasks based on happy or angry customers so the right people in the organisation can address their feedback.

  • What types of surveys can be conducted?

    Classic customer surveys, touchpoint analysis, check-in/check-out surveys, intercept surveys, interviews via mobile devices, telephone surveys, terminal based surveys, feedback tab surveys, conjoint/TURF analysis, Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter, Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, Customer Satisfaction Score and many more.

  • What options are available to analyse the data?

    Freely configurable real-time dashboards within QuestionPro. Or export to a third party database or business intelligence dashboard like Tableau. Gap analyses, sentiment analyses, free text analyses, key driver analyses, benchmarks, trend analyses, heat maps, correlation analyses and many more.

  • What are the other important functions?

    Easy creation of customer surveys, automatic, scheduled and trigger-based survey distribution, detractor recovery, promoter amplification, customer lifetime value, KPI monitoring, community functionality, customer engagement tools, data collection across all media, multiple dashboards, role-based reporting, third-party integrations and many more.

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Customer Experience Management Platform Live Demo

Make customer experiences easily measurable by conducting customer surveys with QuestionPro’s Customer Experience  Platform.

QuestionPro Customer Experience provides your company with a platform for the qualitative and quantitative collection, structuring and analysis of customer experiences. QuestionPro CX is the comprehensive, professional and user-friendly Customer Experience Management platform for conducting large-scale customer surveys and touchpoint analysis. Use data from different surveys, touchpoints and different channels along the entire customer journey to get a holistic picture of the current state of your customers’ satisfaction, opinions, needs and wishes.

Customer Survey

Customer Experience Management Platform

With QuestionPro Customer Experience Platform, you can collect and analyse feedback from customers continually and in a structured manner across all touchpoints in the customer journey.

Don’t just ask your customers once a year for feedback in a large customer survey. Carry out continuous personalised customer surveys at all of the different touchpoints in the customer journey. QuestionPro offers you a platform that enables your company to conduct customer surveys wherever your customers actually have an interaction with your products, brands, employees or services. Questioning customers in real-time enables you to get answers that accurately reflect the current customer experience at the moment of the survey.

Customer Experience Managament Platform QuestionPro: Real-time customer surveys along all touchpoints in the customer journey to measure true customer experience.

Customer Journey and Customer Experience

STEP 1: Define the Customer Journey and develop a Customer Journey Map in which you record where your customers encounter your company, your brands, your products or your services (touchpoints).

STEP 2: Define which touchpoints allow you to record customer experiences through surveys. Select the type of survey that fits best with each touchpoint and create the appropriate surveys.

STEP 3: Conduct continuous customer surveys at the defined touchpoints and collect this data centrally. Automated surveys make this possible with very little effort.

STEP 4: Analyse the collected data to understand the degree of positive vs. negative experiences at each touchpoint. Where are the opportunities to optimise? Where are your most positive customer experiences?

STEP 5: Implement a plan to optimise each touchpoint and then measure if those changes are actually effective over time.

QuestionPro’s Customer Experience Management Dashboard: Collect feedback from customer surveys across all channels and analyse data centrally in real-time!

With QuestionPro Customer Experience Management Platform you can collect feedback from your customers across all channels. Initiate surveys using online questionnaires, mobile surveys, SMS, email, feedback terminals or interviewers on-site. There is no survey method that QuestionPro does not cover. You can see up-to-the-second responses in the real-time analysis dashboard.

Customer Experience Management Platform Dashboard

Customer Community

The Customer Community: Create a virtual branded home for your customers so you can generate valuable feedback.

QuestionPro allows you to create and manage your own customer feedback community. Conduct online focus group discussions, idea boards, quick polls and easy surveys that build upon each other. Incentivise the community members with rewards and make it easy to engage on mobile devices. Find more information about customer feedback communities here.

Features & Benefits

Measure and analyse customer experiences regularly with the QuestionPro Customer Experience Management Platform.

  • Comprehensive Customer Experience Platform for the structured collection and analysis of customer feedback.
  • Easy creation of customer surveys across all channels.
  • Connection to all existing IT systems such as CRM, sales tools, HelpDesk, DMS and BPM solutions.
  • Create customer surveys quickly, easily and intuitively using the integrated questionnaire editor.
  • Complete process automation with automatic ticket-to-survey conversion, scheduling functions, call-after-buying and autoresponders.
  • All applications are mobile compatible.
  • Extensive analysis, monitoring and reporting features in real-time and via a customizable dashboard that includes Net Promoter Score.
  • Mapping of the customer journey model and touchpoint analysis.
  • Post positive comments on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter and receive alarms in case of negative ratings.
  • Analyse free text comments from social networks and rating portals according to keywords, frequency and word combinations.
  • Online intercept surveys
  • Graphical free text analysis
  • Conjoint and TURF analysis
  • Van Westendorp Price Modeling
  • Supports PC, smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc.
  • Fully personalised for your brand.
  • Benchmarking functionality
  • React in real-time to customer feedback
  • Google Analytics and Omniture integrations
  • VOIP support and integration


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