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Ask your customers targeted questions at the touchpoints of the customer journey

Ask your customers targeted questions at the touchpoints of the customer journey

Touchpoint analyses are micro-surveys at the intersections between customers and your company, which should generally consist of one to three questions. Wherever customers come into contact with your products, brands, and employees, i.e. along the so-called → Customer Journey, you should ask your customers about their experiences. We have summarised five exemplary questions for you below, which are typically asked in customer surveys in the context of touchpoint analyses.

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Questions for your customer survey & touchpoint analysis

Considering your complete experience with our company, how likely would you be to recommend our products to a friend or colleague?

Surely you have already come across this question somewhere. This question is called “Net Promoter Score”. The Net Promoter Score measures the loyalty of your customers to your company. Only those who are highly satisfied with your company, with your services and products would make a recommendation. After all, a recommendation is a personal thing, so people think very carefully about who they recommend what to. The Net Promoter Score is determined on a scale between 0 and 10.

Net Promoter Score

2. Do our products/services meet your expectations?

People have expectations. And you would like to know that these expectations are fulfilled. In the ideal case, companies even exceed the expectations of their customers with their products and services. So don’t ask whether your customers are “satisfied” with a product, but whether the product fulfills their expectations. After all, a customer can also be quite satisfied with a product if it does not meet their expectations, for example, because the customer has come to terms with possible defects. Incidentally, this question is ideally suited as an “unbox question” in the context of a touchpoint analysis. A customer unpacks the product, takes it in his hand, fiddles around with it, tries it out and then gives initial feedback. So, for example, enclose a delivery note with a QR code with your product, which leads directly to this “unbox question” after scanning it with the smartphone. The best way to find out what your customer expects is to ask a single-choice question.

Do we meet your expectations?

3. How satisfied were you with our order process?

Also, a typical question in a touchpoint analysis is the question about the simplicity of the order process. This question can be summarised to the Customer Effort Score, a key figure that measures the effort customers have to make to obtain information in order to buy a product. The question of how simple the ordering process is can be answered in different ways. The simplest variation is the question about satisfaction with 5 characteristics, i.e.

  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Dissatisfied
  • Very Dissatisfied

Another variant gives you more information about the ordering process. For this, you use a so-called matrix question. In our example, we use two characteristics, namely true and false. Of course, you can also use more values.

Ordering Process Matrix

4. Regarding your last interaction with our customer service: Please rate the following aspects according to the school grading system

Do you know this one? In the pre-sales phase, all employees of a company are friendly, helpful, always approachable and available. But then it comes to the purchase and from then on everything is different! Yes, this actually happens. Sometimes intentionally, but also often unintentionally. And that is really not good! Because satisfied customers keep shopping with you, recommend you to others and can be real brand ambassadors! So always make sure that the customer service actually works well!

In order to clearly arrange several questions, we have chosen the “Matrix-Question” type here.

Customer Service Grade

5. What do you think we can do better?

This question is representative of open questions where your customers can answer with free text. Allow your customers to express themselves without restriction, or limiting their response options. Often things come out of it that you never even thought of yourself. And free text can also be easily analysed and graphically displayed, for example in the form of a word cloud or with the QuestionPro → Free Text Analysis.

What can we do better?

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