• Employee Engagement Management

    Conduct employee surveys regularly and evaluate the
    Employee Journey in real time with innovative survey
    tools and new survey methodologies.

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  • Employee
    Experience Management

    Conduct employee surveys regularly and evaluate the Employee Journey in real time with innovative survey tools and new survey methodologies.

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HR Feedback-Software

Enable continuous feedback and gain a constantly updated picture of the performance, commitment, engagement, performance, satisfaction and loyalty of your employees. Minimize attrition, improve performance, increase commitment and maximize satisfaction.

Employee Experience Management Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is QuestionPro Employee Experience?
    QuestionPro Employee Experience is a web-based feedback and analysis software for the creation, implementation and analysis of all types of employee surveys along the Employee Journey.
  • What types of surveys can be conducted?
    360/180 degree feedback, pulse surveys, feedback via app, feedback via terminals, onboarding/exit surveys, engagement, satisfaction, anonymous feedback dialogues, manager strength analysis, Employee Net Promoter Score, Millennial Alignment Scan, Organisational Health Index, Employee Branding and many more.
  • Which evaluation options are available?
    GAP analyses, sentiment analyses, free text analyses, key driver analyses, benchmarks, trend analyses, heat maps, correlation analyses and many more.
  • What are other important features?
    Data collection across all media, multiple dashboards, role-based reporting, easy survey creation, company hierarchy mapping, employee management, automatic and scheduled survey distribution, community function, one-click micro-pulse surveys, Slack integration, incentives, anonymous employee feedback and many more.

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Employee Experience Survey

Developed for leading HR and Employee Experience Managers: QuestionPro’s intelligent and innovative HR feedback and monitoring platform for your employee surveys

The QuestionPro HR Feedback Platform for the creation and implementation of employee surveys in the context of Employee Experience Management is an innovative feedback and monitoring system. Combining all survey methodologies from the HR sector and provides HR and departmental managers with an all-round view of topics such as well-being, performance, achievement of goals, skills enhancement, loyalty, company culture and identification of unhappy employees using a real-time analysis dashboard. Measure and analyze employee experiences intelligently along the employee journey.

Employee Engagement Transformation: Types of Employee Surveys along the Employee Journey

360 degree feedback

The QuestionPro Tool-Kit for 360-degree feedback surveys provides you with a powerful tool for carrying out this efficient method for recording and assessing the performance, professional and social competence of specialists and managers. You can quickly and easily create questionnaires to record individual and team feedback. Receive detailed evaluations and clear comparisons of the results after the survey.

Traditional employee survey

The classic employee survey is the generalist among the HR feedback instruments. Here you can create individual questionnaires and automatically distribute them to your employees by email. Using the benchmarking function, you can easily compare individual locations, departments or teams. The data is evaluated via an analysis dashboard, which contains countless evaluation methods.

Organisational Health Index

The survey method “Organisational Health Index” gives your company deep insights into the degree of “health” of your organisation. This means whether all employees understand the mission, goals and strategy of the company and whether they actually support it. This is critical to the long term growth of any successful company.

Employer Branding

Employer branding surveys help you to recognize how attractive your company is to potential new employees. Employee experience plays an important role here. If employees have mostly positive experiences during the entire period of employment, they will communicate this to the outside world accordingly. Employer branding surveys reveal negative experiences, which can then be eliminated by your company.

Pulse Surveys

Regular pulse surveys give you a real-time overview of the current mood, morale and well-being of your employees. With QuestionPro you can easily create, distribute and analyze pulse surveys. You can either answer them by e-mail using One-Click-Reply or you can create more complex pulse surveys, which can be designed as online surveys. Micro pulse surveys can also be carried out via Slack. A Pulse Mobile App is also available.

Onboarding / Exit Surveys

Onboarding surveys help you to identify effectiveness of the induction of new employees. In addition to providing insight into how the onboarding process is organized, onboarding surveys also reveal cultural aspects, such as how easy it is for new employees to join existing teams. Exit surveys give you valuable information about why employees leave the company and thus help to minimize attrition.

Employee Net Promoter Score

The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a method for measuring employee loyalty and is an important indicator of your employees’ identification to the company’s goals, standards and values. QuestionPro has a question toolset to determine the Employee Net Promoter Score with a mouse click. The mathematical formula is already included in this question set.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Surveys support you in understanding and describing the nature of the relationship between your company and your employees in qualitative and quantitative terms. Employees with a high level of commitment are more loyal and efficient than those with a low level of commitment. With engagement surveys you create an important foundation for shaping your culture in order to significantly increase the happiness and satisfaction of your employees.

Employee Experience Plattform

Real Continuous Listening along the Employee Journey with innovative survey technologies: Gain unimagined insights into the skills, motivation and satisfaction of your employees with QuestionPro Employee Experience Tools.

There are many important questions that employers must answer. What are employees prepared to achieve? What skillsets need to be developed? What groups and teams are happiest? What is the level of commitment and loyalty amongst the organization? What factors disturb the well-being of your employees? You need a survey system with the right research methodologies and analysis tools to answer these. QuestionPro Employee Experience offers you precisely tailored tools for a successful Employee Experience Transformation.

The Employee Engagement Real-Time Analysis Dashboard: An always up-to-date view of the results of your feedback projects. This allows you to identify trends and patterns quickly and clearly.

The Employee Experience Dashboard is fully customisable: You decide what you want to see and how. And who can see what! You can filter and compare your evaluation according to all possible variables. A wide range of reporting and analysis options are available, such as score cards, Employee Net Promoter evaluations, free text analyses, key driver analyses, benchmarks and, of course, all the standard evaluations you would expect from a sophisticated survey system. You also have access to the advanced QuestionPro XA analysis and reporting tool, which has a sophisticated rights and role model and is multi-dashboard capable. Further information about → QuestionPro XA.

Employee Experience Real-Time Analysis Dashboard

Employee Community

The Employee Community: A place for ideas, discussions, surveys and exchange! Quick to set up, easy to administer. Incentive features included. For a lively feedback culture.

QuestionPro offers you the opportunity to set up and manage your own internal Company Community, to which all employees can have access. Here you can initiate surveys, collect and discuss ideas and suggestions as well as create topics to work on together in groups. To increase employee engagement, use the community’s integrated incentive and gamification features. Here you can find more information about the → Mitarbeiter-Community.

Employee Engagement Management Platform:
Features & Benefits

Measure and analyze employee experiences regularly and completely with QuestionPro Employee Experience

  • Quick and easy setup of the Employee Experience Platform for your employee surveys.
  • Import of all employee data including organization chart with hierarchies via simple batch upload.
  • Complete image of the entire organizational structure / graphic organization chart.
  • Instantly usable survey modules for employee surveys, 360 degree feedback, pulse surveys, transfer strength method and many more.
  • Clearly organized LiveView Dashboard with all relevant charts, which you can customize yourself or have our experts build for you.
  • Integrated tool for traditional satisfaction surveys, ad hoc surveys, pulse surveys, 360/180 degree reviews, Millennial Alignment Scan, etc.
  • One-click feedback for micro surveys conveniently by email – no additional, annoying login necessary.
  • Measurement of satisfaction, working atmosphere, capacity, motivation, degree of goal achievement, etc. Segment results by organizational unit, department, location, etc.
  • Implementation of online training and assessments.
  • Can be used online and offline.
  • All applications “mobile ready”.
  • Integrations with Slack, Google, Office 365 etc.
  • Cross-platform and media independent, online and offline – also as a mobile app!
  • Extensive analyses and reporting.
  • Total anonymity guaranteed.
  • Open interface architecture for seamless integration into your existing IT infrastructure.


Survey and Experience Management Software:
Create, conduct and evaluate online and offline surveys
for a successful Experience Transformation.

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