• Software, features, methods and
    services for your market research

    Everything under one roof: know-how, tools,
    implementation, quality control. We accompany
    you through all phases of your market research.

  • Software, features, methods and services for your market research

    Everything under one roof: know-how, tools, implementation, quality control. We accompany you through all phases of your market research.

Market research with QuestionPro

No matter what kind of studies, tests and research projects you want to carry out as part of your market research: With QuestionPro you cover all methods of data collection and data analysis with state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive service from specialists!
Market Research Software

No matter what kind of studies, tests and research projects you want to carry out as part of your market research: With QuestionPro you cover all methods of data collection and data analysis with state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive service from specialists!

We make market research simple & efficient!

QuestionPro is one of the world’s leading providers of software, tools & services in the field of market research. We offer companies that conduct market research an all-encompassing portfolio of solutions and services, consisting of various modules as well as comprehensive full service.

Create, design and publish surveys, studies and tests with just a few clicks

QuestionPro has ready-to-use question types, so you can create complex surveys and studies quickly and easily. With just a few clicks you can create your surveys intuitively in no time at all, no matter whether you are dealing with simple choice questions or a complex conjoint analysis! Access a library of more than 80 ready-to-use question types in over 108 languages.

With QuestionPro you gain valuable data online and offline across all media!

Collect data either via classic online surveys or mobile via smartphone, laptop or tablet PC – online and offline. In addition, you can use our survey app to create surveys and view evaluations even when you are on the road. The collection and analysis of quantitative feedback is also one of the standard functions of the market research platform QuestionPro.

QuestionPro’s online community platform provides deep market insights!

Use the QuestionPro Online Community Platform to manage a panel, set of customers or employees to gain deep insights into your market and your own company. Focus group discussions, idea boards, forums, incentives, social listening, event planner and an easy-to-use community app are just a few of the many features that allow you to manage a dedicated community!

The QuestionPro Online Panel gives you high-quality feedback

QuestionPro has a long-established, global online panel and profiling samples consisting of more than 22 million highly qualified, pre-selected panellists. The online panel can be set up in a very short time, so that you can conduct your studies quickly and get quick results. 100% of bad responses are refunded.

Real-time analyses, reports and customisable dashboards

QuestionPro offers you a full range of comprehensive reporting and analysis tools that quickly transform your data into insight, presented in a clear and graphically appealing manner in the form of customisable multi-dashboards. The QuestionPro also offers you the option of exporting data to all common formats, including SPSS.

Sophisticated and multilingual full service and fast 24/7 support

No matter where you are in the world: If you are facing a challenge in one of your market research projects, you can reach our customer service, technical support and market research specialists 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! And even on holidays or at night you will always find a competent and friendly contact person.

Example evaluation of a Market Research Heat-Map Image Testing

Example evaluation of
Heat-Map Image Testing

Example of an market research evaluation Maximum Difference Scaling

Example of an evaluation
Maximum Difference Scaling

Example of a conjoint analysis Here: Attribute relevance

Example of a conjoint analysis
Here: Attribute relevance

Examples of features and methods for your market research that you can map with QuestionPro

QuestionPro offers you a variety of question types, features and methods for conducting your market research projects. Here we show you some examples. If you have any questions about additional features and applications, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also make an appointment for a 1:1 live online presentation!

Block rotation

Random arrangement of one or more question blocks, so that the order of the defined blocks is randomly changed or only a part of these blocks is displayed. This dissuades bias and enables statistically clean A/B tests.

» Example

Semi-open questions

Use a mixture of open and closed questions: the participant is given the opportunity to add his own open answers in addition to given answers. Useful if you cannot/may not want to specify all closed answer options.

» Example

Conjoint Analysis

Serves to forecast the purchasing behaviour of a product taking into account previously defined product characteristics. The participant must choose a product that is put together by a random combination of product characteristics.

» Example


It is possible to play out individual questions as a clean A/B test or even entire question blocks. This means that not every respondent gets to see all questions but only a part of them. In the classic A/B test 2 variants are tested against each other.

» Example

A/B Pre-Roll Test

The A/B Pre-Roll Test is an extension of the A/B Test with which you can test different advertising videos. For example, QuestionPro documents at what point in time subjects finish a video and how each part of the video is rated.

» Example

van Westerndorp Price Sensitivity

This Method is a question type to directly measure the price willingness and price sensitivity of a customer. Respondents are asked to indicate from which price a product is far too overpriced, overpriced, acceptable or too cheap.

» Example

Implicit Association Test (IAT)

Measurement method to measure the strength of associations between elements of the memory. Participants are shown two images and have to confirm a selection of images by clicking the right or left arrow button within a given time.

» Example

Mobile Diary Function

The diary function allows test subjects and survey participants to work on studies, tests or surveys over a longer period of time and to interrupt the completion of the questionnaire by saving it temporarily and continue it at a later time.

» Example


Piping means the transfer of answer texts or answer options to subsequent questions. For example, respondents can enter their name at the beginning of the questionnaire and are then addressed by their first name throughout the questionnaire.

» Example

Screening / Filter / Logic

These methods are used to present certain questions within the questionnaire only to certain respondents, e.g. to exclude respondents from (parts of) a survey for which answering certain questions or question blocks is irrelevant.

» Example


This feature can be used to display individual questions, stimuli or even the complete questionnaire only for a defined time or to give respondents only a certain amount of time to complete a questionnaire or online test.

» Example

Visual Concept Mapping

This method offers the ability to predefine certain areas in an image and then have survey participants rate and comment on them. This method can be used especially well for advertising posters or other advertising.

» Example

Ad + Video + Logo Test

With these methods, you can have pictures, graphics, ads and advertising videos rated. In the case of videos, it is even possible to place certain evaluations of test persons at the relevant time in the video.

» Example

Hot-Spots Image Testing

Survey participants can freely mark certain areas of an image or graphic. For example, something particularly striking, something that appeals to them very much, or what they first noticed within the image.

» Example

Quota Control

Quota control allows you to monitor the distribution of characteristics within the sample. If the quota of a certain characteristic is fulfilled, survey participants who correspond to these characteristics cannot participate in the survey.

» Example

TURF Analysis

TURF analysis is a standard procedure for determining optimal product combinations, for product range optimization and for measuring the reach of media campaigns.

» Example

Maximum Difference Scaling

Respondents must select the best & worst option from a given list of competing variables. Creators of this test procedure can define how many combinations & runs respondents should receive.

» Example

Semantisches Differenzial

The Semantic Differential, also known as a polarity or polarity profile, is a scaling method to find out which attitudes or sensations people associate with certain objects, things or circumstances.

» Example

Market research software, methods, features & services: Make an appointment for a live online consultation with our specialists!

Market Research Software and Services

Market research tools from QuestionPro

In addition to our many years of expertise in project management and our full service for market research projects, QuestionPro also provides you with innovative, secure and technologically mature tools for conducting your market research project.

Survey Software

Conduct and evaluate online surveys, mobile surveys and offline data collection quickly, easily, cost-effectively and securely via EU servers. ISO 27001 certified.

» more information

Community Software

Create a powerful, engaging and easy-to-manage discussion, evaluation, feedback and communication platform for your customers in just a few steps.

» more information

Online Access Panel

For your market research projects and studies, use QuestionPro’s dedicated, high-quality online panel with more than 22 million members worldwide.

» more information

Analysis & Reporting

Customisable, scalable and web-based analysis dashboard for multidimensional, collaborative, rights- and role-based graphical reporting.

» more information

Security, Integration & Workflow

Our market research platform runs on high-performance, enterprise-class servers to ensure the best possible performance and security. In addition, we take into account the region-specific data security requirements, which is why we maintain servers in many different regions. Server location for the EU is Meppel, Netherlands.

Data security

Data security is a top priority for us as a provider of SAAS solutions. QuestionPro is SSAE 16 (SOC 2) compliant, EU and SafeHarbor certified and fully GDPR compliant. Our data collection and protection of survey data complies with the SSL standard, although SSO is of course available. We are also compliant with Section 508 and FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Acts).


Seamlessly integrate QuestionPro market research platform with your existing CRM, ERP, statistics, or Cloud platform, whether it is Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic, Tableau, ZAPIER, ZOHO, Caspio, Google Sheets, HubSpot, Mailchimp, PowerBI, and many others. These integrations use Webhooks and APIs for seamless back-end integration to effortlessly extend QuestionPro’s capabilities.


With QuestionPro you not only automate and structure your survey and market research processes. You can also trigger external workflows and business processes with commands within the innovative and high performance market research platform. The open interface concept and the possibility of user-defined scripting support you here. Please contact us for further information!

Market Research Services
and Project Management

We also offer comprehensive market research services in addition to our state of the art software tools & technologies. Our specialists can help with the full lifecycle of your market research project including survey design, scripting, project management, data cleansing, reporting and recruiting respondents.


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