• Online Community Platform
    for Research and Insights

    Easily setup and engage your online community with surveys,
    polls, discussions, idea boards and more.

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  • Online Community Platform
    for Research and Insights

    Easily setup and engage your online community with surveys, polls, discussions, idea boards and more.

    Schedule a Live Demo14 Days Free Trial

Online Community Software Tool

Gain new and ongoing insights into the world of your customers. In just a few steps you can create a branded, mobile optimised and easy-to-manage platform for discussions, surveys, polls and feedback from your community members.

One Platform With Everything In It! The QuestionPro Online Community for companies, market researchers, customers and associations

With the QuestionPro Community Suite, you get a collaborative survey, discussion and analysis platform for a wide range of target groups. Connect with your customers, suppliers or business partners with all the features you can imagine. Create a customer community, market research community or a professional interest community in minutes. Chats, discussions, forums, customer group segmentation, panel administration, polling and focus group administration are all part of the comprehensive range of functions. Recruitment tools make it easy to build the community. Our gamification and incentive options make it easy to keep community members engaged.

Online Community Software Tool

Community Features and Modules at a Glance

Idea Board

Encourage creativity with the help of a dynamic Idea board. Community members can post thoughts and ideas. Other members can comment and upvote so the best ideas float to the top.

Focus Groups & Discussions

Save time and costs while creating a long term relationship with participants by conducting focus group discussions virtually. Use chat, video conferencing, screen sharing and more…

Topic Boards and Forums

Allow community members to post topics and comments within a forum so you can access qualitative insights using text analysis.

Surveys and Quick Polls

Publish complex surveys using advanced research question types or simple quick polls. Distribute via email, within the community forums or via mobile push notifications.

Incentives & Gamification

Automatically send gift card incentives based on completed tasks. Using points and leaderboards to increase engagement significantly using gamification.


Sharing information with your community members is easy with the ability to publish documents in a variety of formats.

Mobile Community App

Allow you community members to engage on the go with native iOS and Android apps. Easy to use. Simple and user-friendly user interface.


An integrated event planner and calendar to share video, pictures and descriptions of upcoming events. Invite community members via email, push notifications or bulletin boards.

Reporting and Analyses

Monitor community activities, engagement and survey results via advanced dashboards and reporting.

Social Listening

Pull Tweets into the community when specific hashtags are used. This allows your community to discuss current trends or create your own.

Multilingual User Portal

Community members can choose their language of choice within their personal settings.

Activity Feed

Gives community members an easy way to keep up with news and activities within the community portal.

Take Advantage of QuestionPro’s Online Community Platform for the Perfect Mix of Technical, Economical and Social Benefits.

“Create a place for your customers to exchange ideas and share experiences to leverage the power of your own online community space.”


The Customer Community

The QuestionPro Customer and Feedback Community offers you the opportunity to communicate with your customers on a continuous, direct and cost-effective basis while acquiring new customers through member referrals. Find out what your customers think about your products and what ideas they have for improvements while having full moderation control. Gain a deep insight into the purchase decision process and develop an even deeper understanding of your target audience.

The Market Research Community

QuestionPro’s market research community allows you to manage your market research activities easily and clearly on a single innovative platform. Create and publish surveys, conduct virtual group discussions or one-on-one interviews and reap the benefits of a dedicated research audience. Combine different methods of market research and promote participation through rewards, material and monetary incentives and gamification.

The Interest Community

Are you an industry association, political group, non-profit or interest group? The QuestionPro Community Platform makes it easy for you and your members to stay in touch. Collaborate with your members wherever they are with integrated tools like chat, discussion forums, or idea boards. Conduct polls and member surveys to collect and evaluate feedback that keeps your group innovating. You will quickly learn to handle the community easily.

The Employee Community

Create a space for your employees to provide feedback and ideas. Send surveys to employees and ask questions about the company’s strategy or work environment. Empower employees to share their voice and encourage them using incentives, leaderboards and gamifications. Collect feedback publicly through idea boards and forums or privately through pulse surveys.

Feedback, Trends & Analyses in Real-Time

The integrated dashboard displays all activities and questionnaires in real time. Graphical reporting options meet the latest scientific standards. Both structured data and free text can be analysed. The real-time analysis dashboard is fully customisable to meet your needs. Reporting shows the “pulse” of your online community. Here, all the data can be evaluated through graphical charts or raw data exports on desktop or mobile devices.

Advanced Analysis:
Groupings, crosstabs, response editing and drill-down functions for data analysis.

Custom Reports and Charts:
Create reports that match your brand. Download them in HTML or PDF formats to share with your team.

Statistical Models and Analyses:
TURF analysis, CHAID analysis, weighting & balancing and GAP analysis.

Online Community Dashboard. Feedback, Trends & Analyses in Real-Time.

Simple Community Management With a Comprehensive Range of Functions

Simple Community Management With a
Comprehensive Range of Functions

You can create a functional online community to control, administer and analyse all the activities of your community members in just a few minutes and four steps. The system supports managing existing members or recruiting new ones. Publish and analyse best-in-class surveys. Collect feedback from open ended discussions, chats and idea boards. QuestionPro Communities are fully mobile optimised and include an integrated Content Management System (CMS) to fully customise the look and feel for your company or client.

Our service for you:
Full Service Community Management from QuestionPro

Need some help administering and managing your community? QuestionPro has full-time expert community managers on staff who are ready to take over. We’re here to help if you are lacking the resources and time or just need a coach to help point you in the right direction.

See our list of modular services we provide for help with → full-service community management.

Full Service Community Management

Features & Benefits

  • Easily setup the community in just a few minutes.
  • Simple creation and publication of surveys.
  • Turnkey standard functions for a quick launch.
  • Seamless integration with existing panels.
  • Acquisition of new community members through referral features.
  • Mobile integration.
  • Social media integration.
  • Incentive and bonus function to keep members active along with integration of e-commerce partners for easy to deploy rewards.
  • Chat, forum and discussion functions to easily moderate virtual focus groups.
  • Customer segmentation and profiling.
  • Integrated content management system (CMS) to fully customise for your brand.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Extensive real-time analysis and reporting functionality.

Online Community Software Tool.
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Would you like an online demo? Arrange an appointment with us!

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