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The QuestionPro Online Panel is a network of members who have registered to participate in online surveys and studies on our specially created portal. When signing up, members of the Online Panel must provide information about their current life situation, such as age, occupation, income, place of residence, car ownership, gender, origin and much more. Based on this so-called socio-demographic data, initiators of online surveys and studies can filter out members of a subgroup, write to them by e-mail or via a community and invite them to participate in surveys.

Incentives and Gamification

The members of the online panel can decide whether to participate in this study or online survey after receiving the e-mail or message within the community. To increase the motivation of the online panel members to fill out the online questionnaire, QuestionPro as an online panel provider makes it possible to reward the potential survey participants after they have completed the survey. This procedure is called an incentive. It ensures greater commitment on the part of the online panel members. Incentives can, for example, be sending out vouchers which can then be redeemed at online retailers or by awarding points which can be collected and redeemed for vouchers when a predefined number of points is reached. Other forms of incentive, called gamification, are also possible. You can learn more on our Online Panel page.

With QuestionPro we conducted a market observation for our mosquito patch MOSKINTO and were amazed how quickly we were able to reach the defined sample size of 1000 via QuestionPro Online Panel. Designing surveys is simple and data evaluation is very clear. QuestionPro’s customer service is excellent

Online Panel Provider for Your Market Research

As an online panel provider, we offer our portal primarily to market research institutes or to companies and organizations that conduct their market research in-house. The QuestionPro Online Panel is even used by start-up companies because it offers a fair price-to-performance ratio. QuestionPro is also very interesting as an online panel provider for colleges and universities, since they can use the QuestionPro survey and analysis platform inexpensively as part of the Academic Sponsorship Program. This means that they only incur additional costs for using the online panel, but QuestionPro itself does not need to be licensed a second time.

Quality assurance within the online panel

We pay very close attention to the quality of our service! For example, as an online panel provider, we carry out regular quality checks, reward online panel members for updating their socio-demographic data, perform duplicate comparisons, sort out inactive members and check whether online panel participants complete questionnaires without reflection, with a strategy in mind, according to social desirability aspects or simply “click through” to enjoy the incentives. For this purpose, we have sophisticated diagnosis and checking mechanisms at our disposal. We also replace so-called bad responses 100%. The high quality of the online panel is also ensured by the fair compensation of the online panel members, which ensures high motivation and a correspondingly high level of commitment. The online panel members make a greater effort as they receive appreciation through incentives.

Recruitment of online panel participants

As an online panel provider, we are interested in recruiting as many high-quality online panel participants as possible for your market research projects. This can be done through advertising measures, references to community sites or member recruitment. Online panel members are incentivised to recruit further online panel members, so that there is an increased interest to draw the attention of friends and acquaintances to the online panel. All new participants will be tested. New Online Panel participants are also rewarded for providing socio-demographic data, so that as many selection criteria as possible are available to initiators of online surveys and studies to select a suitable sample.

Online Panel Presentation

Simple panel management and detailed reports

Initiators of online surveys and studies get access to the online panel via an easy-to-use interface. Our experienced panel management supports those initiators, so that even companies and organizations that have little or no experience in conducting a panel survey can still arrange it quickly and efficiently. At the end of a panel survey, our clients receive a detailed report on the conducted online survey or study via a link to a report or with full access to the reporting and analysis unit.

Quota management during the study

The QuestionPro OnlinePanel automatically invites new participants again and again until the desired sample size with participants of previously selected characteristics is reached. The system makes sure that participants with characteristics from quota groups that have already been fulfilled are not invited again, but that participants from unfulfilled quota groups continue to receive an invitation until the defined target size is reached. During the study, initiators have access to a clear real-time reporting and monitoring system. The QuestionPro online panel for market research ensures transparency!

The QuestionPro Online Panel at a glance

  • QuestionPro follows different methods for quality assurance within the online panel (Profile Field Match / Geo Screening)
  • We use sophisticated technologies for comprehensive response tracking
  • “Bad Responses” are 100% replaced in QuestionPro
  • We offer our customers a soft launch, in which only a few online panel participants are contacted to test the quality of the feedback
  • As an online panel provider, we actively support you in setting up your online panel or study for your market research
  • Individual logic checks and plausibility checks within the questionnaire are part of our standards and can also be extended using custom scripting
  • QuestionPro sets up standard and advanced quotas for you
  • For your study, you can also use predefined scientific question sets such as conjoint analyses, TURF analyses, von Westendorp price sensitivity etc.
  • We offer you a long-term archive for your data
  • We make all the data obtained available for you to download
  • QuestionPro offers you real-time data analysis even during the ongoing study
  • Incentives ensure a high level of commitment from online panel participants
  • As an online panel provider, we make sure that members provide the maximum amount of socio-demographic data

QuestionPro: Full-service provider for your market research

As a provider of market research solutions, QuestionPro provides you with technologically advanced tools for data collection and analysis that will meet your expectations in every respect!

If you have any questions about online panels or software for your market research, we look forward to talking to you. We will be happy to answer your questions via our contact page.

Do you have any questions on this topic? Simply contact us via the contact form. We look forward to the dialogue with you!

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