• Online Panels and Respondents
    for your Market Research

    High quality, engaged panel participants.
    Fast execution of surveys and research studies.
    100% refund of bad responses.

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  • Qualified Online Panels and
    Respondents for your Market Research

    High quality, engaged panel participants. Fast execution of surveys and research studies. 100% refund of bad responses.

    Schedule a Live Demo14 Days Free Trial

QuestionPro Online Panel for your Market Research

With more than 20 million consistently qualified members worldwide, selectable by countless characteristics and criteria, QuestionPro Online Panel is one of the most sophisticated online panel communities in the world. We will be happy to advise you!

Worldwide, qualified & dedicated online panel

Online Panel

  • +20 million members
  • Active worldwide
  • Business-to-Business
  • Business-to-Customer
  • Simple selection
  • High quality
  • Quick results delivery
  • Incentives included
  • Strong engagement
  • Quota control
  • Real-time reporting
  • Response tracking

“With QuestionPro we conducted a market observation for our mosquito patch MOSKINTO and were amazed how quickly we were able to reach the defined sample size of 1000 via QuestionPro Online Panel. Designing surveys is simple and data evaluation is very clear. QuestionPro’s customer service is excellent”

Short setup time: in a few mouse clicks to your own online panel!

QuestionPro’s Online Panel is fully set up and ready to use within a very short time after commissioning, virtually “out of the box”. You initiate the use of the online panel with just a few clicks, either from the QuestionPro survey platform and its clearly arranged user interface. Or you can use it as a stand-alone service across all interfaces. Of course, we will support you in setting up the online panel or we can also take over this service completely for you. We have also made our Online Panel available to third-party providers of survey software. This means: if you do not use QuestionPro as a survey platform, you can still use our globally active online panel for your market research.

Permanent quality assurance for a sophisticated online panel

QuestionPro Online Panel is regularly maintained and checked, for example for duplicate data sets or participants who give arbitrary answers (bad responses) in order to simply benefit from our high-quality incentives. Online panel members receive these incentives when they recruit new members, complete surveys as requested by the client, or actively maintain and update the stored socio-demographic data so that it is always up-to-date. Thus, QuestionPro Online Panel remains active and dynamic, avoiding high panel mortality.

Online Panel

Selection of survey participants: more than 300 sociodemographic criteria and profile characteristics

Members of our online panel fill out a questionnaire with about 300 characteristics such as their life situation, product and leisure affinities, buying behavior, interests and hobbies. Online panel members receive incentives for completing and updating this socio-demographic data, so that you can always rely on first-class, up-to-date and comprehensive selection criteria when choosing your online panel members!

Examples of sociodemographic characteristics of the online panel

  • Gender
  • Origin
  • Income
  • Age
  • Banking
  • Shopping habits
  • Online activities
  • Leisure
  • Insurance
  • Place of residence
  • Education
  • Language
  • Vehicles
  • Profession
  • Fitness
  • TV program
  • Mobile devices
  • Nutrition
  • Travel preferences
  • Type of housing

Online panel and sample solutions “out of the box”

  • Business to business panel
  • Business to customer
  • Quality assurance
  • Mobile panel
  • Recruitment of participants
  • Representative samples
  • Incentives
  • Focus groups
  • Predefined panel
  • Target group selection
  • Chats & discussions
  • Platform independent

Category examples for Business Online Panel

Decision makers / areas

  • Banking
  • Computer services
  • Taxes
  • Office equipment
  • Financial services
  • HR / personnel
  • Internet services
  • Legal department
  • Marketing
  • Shipping
  • and many more


  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Banking and finance
  • Education
  • Chemical industry
  • Public health
  • Hotels / restaurants
  • Food
  • Insurance
  • Entertainment
  • and many more

Job Titel

  • CFO
  • CIO / CTO
  • Developer / programmer
  • Director
  • President / CEO
  • Product manager
  • Project manager
  • Professional
  • Head of department
  • Team leader
  • and many more

Engaged online panel through incentives

We offer you the ability to incentivise panel participants so that you get higher completion rates and more feedback when using our online panel. Incentives mean that panel members can be rewarded for participating in surveys and discussions, for example through vouchers that can be redeemed at online retailers. Incentivisation increases the engagement of the online panel and helps you gather more data in less time.

Features & benefits of
QuestionPro Online Panel:

  • Active and dynamic online panel for your market research thanks to a top-class reward system
  • More than 20 million dedicated panel members for your market research worldwide
  • Quota management and real-time reporting
  • Highest quality through permanent quality checks
  • Of course, we also offer our customers a soft-launch
  • High standards in the recruitment and registration of new panel members
  • 100% refund of bad responses
  • Use representative samples – our online panel represents a cross-section of the population
  • Very fine selection criteria for choosing the optimal online panel & sample for you
  • Constant membership growth and low panel mortality of less than 2%.
  • QuestionPro Online Panel is platform independent and can be used on all mobile devices
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • We set up standard and advanced quotas for you
  • Newest and safest technologies
  • Detailed response tracking
  • Cross-interface architecture

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Online Panel

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